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Shapes and Colors from Heaven: Praying with the Icons

A new online program that will allow you to delve into the message of icons, how they can enrich our spiritual life and aid our prayer and contemplation.

Colors and Shapes from Heaven:

Praying with the Icons


Fr. Flavio Gillio, M.S. and Sr. Leonora Wilson, FSP.

The Christian liturgical calendar is filled with great feasts, such as Annunciation, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Transfiguration, and more.

Within the Early Christian Tradition, these moments have been visually rendered through the icons known for centuries as "sacred doorways" into the spiritual world, "windows into heaven" that allow us to see the 'unseen'.

For more than fifteen hundred years, icons have helped Christians meditate and pray, reflecting the wisdom contained in the theological and liturgical writings of the Oriental Fathers of the Church. The space they create gives us a wonderful and open access to reach out toward God and know Him deeply in a new way.

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Icions Pentecost.jpg

As a result icons have been

a central part of worship in the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Church, helping generations of Christians to enrich their spiritual and devotional lives. 

More recently, people of different Christian traditions have become intrigued by the beauty and mystery of icons. Today, icons can be found in churches of various denominations, and viewed in museums around the world.

Participants in the program "Colors and Shapes from Heaven: Praying with the icons" will have the opportunity to:

  1. Revisit and deepen some of the major events related to the story of Jesus of Nazareth by blending biblical interpretation of selected texts from the Gospels with the rich and ancient tradition of the icons, whose roots date back to the first centuries of the Christian era;

  2. Learn how to interpret some of the most famous icons within the Eastern Christian Tradition (motifs, gestures, and colors common to these profound symbols of faith) in dialogue with Scripture, early Christian writings, and Liturgy

  3. Learn how to approach and pray with the icons, 

  4. Learn to appreciate the spirituality that is celebrated and expressed through this ancient art form.

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About Father
Flavio Gillio, M.S.

Since his Diaconate Ordination, Fr. Flavio has worked in both Formation and Education, as a Professor of Scripture, Retreat Facilitator, and Speaker. He holds an M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Catholic University of Paris and an M.A. in Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. He did his Post-Graduate Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Biblical Narrative Analysis. He taught Scripture, Biblical Languages, and Jewish Exegesis in Italy and in Israel, where he lived for almost 10 years. While in Jerusalem, Fr. Flavio guided many retreats and pilgrimages throughout the Holy Land, running the program “Reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible”.

About Sister
Leonora Wilson, FSP.

Sr. Mary Leonora Wilson, FSP, has been enthusiastic in promoting the Pauline mission and spirituality since her religious profession in 1968. A missionary for the greater part of her religious life (from the migrant camps of the United States to the Pauline mission in East and West Germany and then in Russia), she is also a certified spiritual director with graduate studies in Spiritual Theology. Sister has authored several books and presently serves as the editorial manager of Pauline Books & Media. Like St. Paul, Sr. M. Leonora is especially in love with Jesus Crucified, both in his Word and in his Sacrament – a love that she has been sharing in varied ways for more than 50 years.

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